Editionals Logo

Editionals, the most versatile publishing platform available for the iPad, offers publishers the ability to monetize their content like never before. We take the beauty of the iPad and the functionality of HTML5 to create an industry-leading solution for selling individual issues or subscriptions, as well as providing the best real-time news consumption available.

Universal Newsstand & Reader

  • Newsstand purchasing interface for buying single issues or bundles/subscriptions
  • Simple, universal interface for managing publications and issues
  • Automatic download of publication updates
  • Alerts when new issues are available & automatic download of issues purchased by bundle/subscription
  • Micropayments are supported for single issue purchases, which also bypasses the huge revenue share imposed by other publishing platforms
  • Sell your publication through the Editionals Store or create your own branded iPad app for a more customized user experience

Publishing Platform

  • All pages constructed in HTML5 + Apple TuneKit for cross-platform, cross-device compatibility
  • Video, audio, images and text supported on all pages
  • Visual browse” for flipping through issue pages
  • Font size controls and rich bookmarking tools
  • Sharing via Twitter, Facebook and E-mail
  • News Wire pulls down latest stories from the web giving every issue dynamically updated content
  • Supports both Portrait and Landscape orientation, with dynamically generated layouts
  • Offers rich, full-page HTML5 ads that are highly interactive and valuable to advertisers

Editionals will launch publicly in early spring, check back then for more updates and to download the app. In the meantime, click here to see our press release.